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Rotrax Cycles are based in Southampton and make bespoke high-end framesets. Contact us here.

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  1. i want to restore my dads rotrax that he toured across europe in 1954 to italy. it need a total tlc . please any advice to who i can go to. i just want him to have a very nice surprise to retingle his youth. thanks

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Ian, Good to hear you still have your Dads’ Rotrax , if the frame is still in good condition but tatty paint work then you should contact our enameller C & G Finishers, tel.0151 734 3088. We can supply the decals and headbadge, if the frame requires any repairs, dent filling, replacement tubes or upgrading the cable guides etc please contact us.
      Regards Tim

      • Russell Johnson Says:

        thanks for the phone number, that answers the query i was going to ask, ive got my late fathers circa early 50’s or late 40’s.

      • charlie williams Says:

        where can i buy a head badge for a 1951 track bike1

  2. mark cheeseman Says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I have a Joe Waugh 531 competition road frame that I want to convert to fixed wheel and was wondering if you would be interested in fitting track ends and removing all braze ons for me . I know this isn’t your normal line of work but am local and your reputation as a framebuilder is second to none so I thought I’d give you a try .

    kind regards

    Mark Cheeseman

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Mark, Thanks for the enquiry. The fitting of track ends and removing brazons is something we can do. The fitting of the ends is subject to how short a wheel base you have. The seat stays do not always line up with the track plates unless the rear tyre is a few mm. from the seat tube. Otherwise, we shall need to fit new seat stays and bridge. Please contact us and we can then progress a possible solution.

  3. Good evening. I’m trying to obtain some decals and headbadge for a lovely Rotrax frame I’ve inherited. I’m also wanting the frame enamelled. Could you please advise me on a site I should visit or who I can contact?

    Thanks a lot!

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Tom, Brazeons and alterations no problem. We can provide the service including frame enamelling, decals and headbadge. Please contact us for a quote.

      Regards Tim

  4. Sorry, I forgot to add:
    Also I’m look to get DT mounts (for gear levers/cable stops) and possibly a F-Derailleur hanger.

    Thanks, Tom

  5. I have a NOS Rotrax track frame, Reynolds 501sl tubes , Blue / white. Ser.#03689
    I bought this from a relative of the maker in the 80’s. Could you please date this frame ?

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello David, Your frame is one I made in late 1989, frame size 23 1/2″ angles 74 parallel, colour Kingfisher with pearl panels. Nice to hear from you.

      Regards Tim

  6. Hi again Tim, thanks a lot for the information. I will most likely be contacting you shortly.

    Would you also be able to provide any more info on a Kingston frame I have, which again I’d want to have restoring?

    Serial – 7140. Matt chromed tubing, with polished chromed lugs and 2/3rds of rear triangle. 120mm spacing.

    Year? Tubing? Thanks a lot!

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Tom, This is one we made in 1971, all tubing would have been Reynolds 531. Should you require decals and headbadge these are in stock.

  7. Hello, I have no email client setup on this Mac so am using this means to make a price inquiry – and apologise in advance if that is inconvenient. What I would like to know is what prices – ballpark if you like – you’re looking for those 531 track frames? Thanking you in advance….

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Peter, Thanks for the enquiry regarding 531 track frame prices. They start from £399.00 to approx £575.00 Hope this is of help. I can be more specific depending on final specification. Regards Tim

  8. Aidan Searle Says:

    I have recently acquired a 1954 road path model with the Super course lugs, However it is lacking the original transfers – is it possible to obtain these from you?

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Aidan, Yes transfers are available we can supply two types of fixing, Varnish fix set of three £10.00 or Self adhesive set of three £20. 00 all inc. p&p. The varnish fix are a bit more tricky to apply both types require over coating with varnish for protection. Also if you require a metal head badge and rivets these are available at £10.00.

      • Aidan Searle Says:

        Thanks Tim, i think i would like the varnish fix please, do you have a pic of the transfers. how can i pay for them?

  9. […] If you need any info on the frame, I’d advise contacting Tim Maund, who still builds Rotrax frames: […]

  10. […] Advised by Tim Maund, who still builds Rotrax bikes, that it was made in 1971 with all 531 tubing – The frame is fully chromed – The forks, lugs and 2/3rds of rear triangle are polished, whereas the […]

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Regarding the Kingston frame, decals and Kingston headbadge are available from Rotrax if required.

  11. Brian Todd Says:

    What is the process for getting a custom touring frameset built? Thank you.


    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hi Brian, We would be pleased to quote you for a custom touring frameset. Look forward to receiving your specification.
      Regards Tim

      • Brian Todd Says:

        I”m looking for something built along very traditional lines, i.e. standard size tubing, (Reynolds 531 preferred), simple lugs, but with some unique design work, Campy 1060, (vertical), drops, wrap around seat stays, old style (high mount), mudguard mounts, bent stay bridges for snug mudguard mounting, full touring braze on package.. Single Flam. finish with box lining, post to U.S.A.. Thank you


  12. rotraxcycles Says:

    Sorry for the delay in answering your request regarding fitting track ends have been tied up moving house. Can do the modification but not until Nov. if you are still interested give me an email.

  13. rotraxcycles Says:

    Hello Frank, The Rotrax model is a “Super Course” we made this in 1953 from the last three numbers it would be in the first part of the year. Cost for frame and forks around £15. 5. 0p, from the pictures the brakes and stem look original the saddle would have been “Brooks” model to customers choice.

  14. Hi! I just got this Rotrax frame with NERVEX 61° 64° 0222E38 stamped on bottom bracket. It has vintage look with dirt and rust here and there.

    Could you help me to know more about this frame? Year, original parts, etc…


    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Ike, The details you have regarding the Nervex b/brkt refer to the angles between the tube sockets, you will need to give me the frame number to identify the year of manufacture. As far as identifying the build parts that is difficult as generally this was to customer choice, either a mix of steel and alloy parts current for the year or a Campagnolo group set.

  15. Where is the frame number located?

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Check under the bottom bracket and the steerer tube they should be the same unless the forks were damaged and replaced at some stage.

  16. I found it: 542274

    is it made in 1954?

  17. Fraser Pakes Says:

    Hi !
    I have one of the Fleur-de-Lys-engraved ‘Concours’ models (#52061) I understand were made at the time of the Festival of Britain.
    Could you tell me what derailleur system the bike would have most probably been equipped with ?
    Also there is only one set of FdL engraved GB wing nuts (front wheel) Would the rear wheel originally have had a similar set ?
    Thanks for your time on these questions. Fraser

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hi Fraser, It’s a long time since we were in contact regarding the show” Concours ” Rotrax. I did try to contact you but I assume that you have moved. The derailleur could have been either Benelux or Campagnolo and the rear wing nuts were engraved as the front. Incidently the Bicycle Museum of Ohio appears to have a show model unless it is yours on loan. Tim

  18. […] Originally Posted by izgard Hmm, thought I'd share my first build which I've been working on for a few months now. Rather pleased with how it turned out, although the picture probably doesn't do it justice. Oh the sadness of confined london flats. My Kingston! Took you a while but finally finished then. Looks good – That's not a dent in the seat tube is it? If you want any decals, get in contact here – […]

  19. Don Beattie Says:

    I own a Rotrax made for me at Southhamton in 1987 which I wish to sell the details are as follows:
    Reynolds 531 tube Frame:21.5 ins. No.01687, Mavic alloy wheels, Campagnolo gear,brakes etc.,chainwheel 53 T 12 speed painted rainbow colour. It is a magnificent machine, very light and much admired, if someone wanted to make a reasonable offer it could be purchased. email

    • keith allam Says:

      Have you sold your bike yet? If not could your supply images and your required price.


      • Don Beattie Says:

        Hello Keith,

        Sorry about delay. Bike is not sold images are to follow, it may be easier to communicate by telephone, if so call on 01202 478 274. Price is difficult to define but I believe £750 is a reasonable figure.


        Don Beattie

        Don’t know how to add photo to this message but if you send me your email that will solve the problem

  20. James Flavin Says:

    Model Number:

    I have a Rotrax – La premier – I had repainted by Rotrax in 2001ish. At the time I was given a photo-copy of the log showing when the frame was made and the details. Does this still exist? Also, I would like to source orginal components. How would I find out the equipment it would have orginally been fitted with?

    I have just checked for the SN: and it’s too hard to read but at a guess 10511

    it was read by the guy in the Rotrax shop when I took it in for the paint job.



    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello James, You need to check the frame number as the one you quote is not correct. If the frame was made in the 50/60s then we can supply a copy of the sales brochure for this period for you to get some idea of build specs. Cost incl.p&p £5.00.

  21. Don McMahan Says:

    I have a Rotrax framesets serial number 52624. It has a rear mech hanger not the Campy type, and a roller type rear cadle guide at the bottom bracket and a stop on the downtime for a front mech cable. These features seem not quite right for the year. I do know there was a special touring model listed in the 1951 catalogue but I don’t know anything about how it was setup. Could my frame be one of the touring models or is it more likely a later modification? Any information toucan give me about my frame would be much appreciated .

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Don, The frames that we made during this period were generally built for “Benelux” gear as in your frame the option was “Sturmey Archer” hub gears. Continental style gears such as Campagnolo were only just appearing and our frames were made with suitable gear hangers shortly after on all derailleur spec. framesets.

  22. scott blackman Says:

    Hi, i have a rotrax racer and would like to know which model and avalue if possible, the stamp is on the fork – 49112, the haed badge is a transfer or sticker rather than a badge, colour-british racing green with chrome chain stays and fork ends, rear wheel has 3 cogs on one side and one on the other side, suntour vx derailleur,boa pedals.
    I would post a picture but not sure how, if you can give me any info on these details i would be greatful.
    Thanks scott,

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Scott, Your “Rotrax” looks good I would assume from the condition it has been refurbished at some time as from the frame numbers we made this one in 1949. To identify the model we need to see detail pictures of the lugs, brake bridge and dropouts. As to the value this is purely up to the individual what they are prepared to pay considering the age of the frame and the guessing at the condition internally of the frame tubes.

      • scott blackman Says:

        Hi again Tim, Im thinking about restoring my bike now and wondered if you can tell me which parts or makes i would need to replace the non original which are the handlebars & rear derailler and gear lever? Id like to keep the parts british as it has GB & Dunlop parts on it now which are correct i think, also can you tell me which colours they would of done for this frame/model at that time? Mine is green which is the original paint i think.
        Thankyou , scott

      • rotraxcycles Says:

        Hello Scott, We will need to see some detail pictures of your bike to identify the model. Most models were built up complete from British parts but the top range of models were supplied with parts to the customers choice. Typical parts Brampton Alatet headset, Bayliss Wiley bottom bracket, 27″ Dunlop rims, Bayliss Wiley Hubs, Db spokes, Dunlop hp tyres, WilliamC34 chainset, Reynolds chain, Brooks B15 narrow saddle, Brakes GB sport, GB handle bars, stem & seatpost & Brampton No. 20 steel pedals. The enamel colour is “Brunswick Green” Regards Tim.

  23. Hallo,

    I am not sure what is going on with this second email. My first email gave a frame number 52433 with a request for information about a bike with this number. I also said that I had bought this bike when I was in school. If I remember I paid 12 pounds,

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Daniel, From the frame number we can only tell you that we built this frame in the spring of 1953 for any other details such as which model we need to see some photographs.

  24. rotrax bike for sale? had the bike for 34 years.. in good conditon open to offers…

    • Frank Fieber Says:

      Mark, what model is it?

      • hello Frank , sorry for not replying sooner but Ive not been checking my emails. to answer your question, Ive not got a clue but if you would like me to I will do a bit of research and try to find out. I look forward to your reply

  25. Gwil Edmunds Says:

    Hi everyone, please note that the old Rotrax number 02380 434 *** has been re-assigned to myself. I have no forwarding address, new number so please DO NOT CALL.

  26. Hi,

    In the 1980’s, I rescued an old frame that had once belonged to my Great-Uncle but which had been hanging up in my grandmother’s damp old shed for nearly thirty years. Once cleaned up, it became apparent that it had formerly been a thing of great beauty: gorgeous deep red lustrework with hand-painted ribbons and garlands streaming out from medals and awards. Chromed arabesque lugs, half-chromed crowns, forks and stays – I guess it was a Super Course and it really must’ve been special in it’s day. Frame no’s were stamped under the bottom bracket and the forks: 501012. Looks like it was made in January of 1950.

    I got it shotblasted and finished in a similar red at Knight Cycles (long since defunct) in Wolverhampton, with Rotrax decals and a fine set of Campag road ends brazed in at the same time. A Shimano 600 groupset (it was the 1980’s remember) and suede Milremo racing saddle finished things off nicely.

    Happy days….

  27. Dr Wiggle Says:

    I have found a nice old 57 Rotrax cycle parts are all there but the frame is missing its transfer kit can you supply a kit?

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hi, We can supply transfers and the metal headbadge, Transfer sets cost from £10.00 and badges £10.00 incl. P&P. Please supply frame number when placing an order.

  28. Hi.
    I purchased a bike with an old sothampton post code stamped on it. I know its a long shot, but could it be a Rotrax. It has simple pointed chromed lugs. Wrap around seat stays. 66 brooks pro saddle. RGF bottom bracket shell, campag frame ends. Frame No. 3775. regards. John.

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello John, It was worth a try but sorry it is not one of ours, wrong frame number.
      Regards Tim.

  29. Robert Bowen Says:

    I recently bought the frame 16108 shown on your site. There are some scratches and chips from the original owner but it is otherwise in excellent condition. Do you have any of the original paint to use for touchups? I am in the United States.

  30. Hi , I have an opportunity to acquire a 1951 Super Coursa that needs to have it’s top tube replaced, some idiot sawed thru it with a hack saw, can you give me a rough idea what this might cost. Thanks….. Don McMahan

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Don, Sorry to hear of the misfortune that occurred to your frame. An approximate cost:

      Replace the top tube £125. 00 Respray frameset single colour 150. 00 Decal set & headbadge 30. 00 Carriage 30. 00 Timescale at the moment is approximately December/January 2012

      Regards Tim —– Original Message —–

  31. Simon Turner Says:

    I am restoring a 1958 Rotrax Concours for my son, I’m a VCC member and have done a number of full restorations so I will be spraying the frame myself. It currently has plain white script on the down tube and just the seat tube transfer. How do I order these and are they water slide? I live near to Southampton so could I collect them? I can bring the frame in as I have not yet stripped the original paint off – we clearly have the frame number. Finally I can’t find a 1958 catalogue to verify original transfers as others I have seen have the diamond background to the script do you have a scan of a catalogue? The original headbadge is fine and I have the 531 transfers.

    Nice to see 6 pairs of Rotrax forks at Hampshire Platers as I was having parts for 4 of my bikes plated!

    Regards Simon Turner

  32. would anybody be interested in buying my rotrax which I have had for over 30 years if interested please telephone me on 07944449582 and make me an offer

  33. I have a Rotrax 1957 58cm, serial number 57167. 501 Reynolds tube, Nervex Professional Lugs 59o3064o0222E38 with original handlebar. I can’t figure out the model though, I’ve extensively searched Google and can’t see anything quite like this one. I think it might be a track bike. It has a persons name onto the top frame but it is warn away, making me think this indicates a sports event?

    Any details about this bike would be gratefully received.

    Pictures can be found here:

    • There is a Deptford link but this could be a coincidence. The frame was built in 1957, before the 1960s license move.

      • it can also fit a rear gearbox, something that appears to be missing from other Rotrax from this period, this also indicates a track bike (please correct me if my thinking is wrong) 🙂

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Otto, Send us some detail photos of your frameset so we can give you some more information.
      Regards Tim.

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Otto, You have a “La Premiere” road bike it looks to be in nice condition. We constructed these frames with Stallard road ends to take a 5 speed derailleur or Sturmey Archer gears.Although as a built up complete bike all options were available to the customer but as a frame set in standard finish they sold for £12.19.6d

  34. Hi,
    I have recently been given a rotrax bike, serial no 01687. It is a fantastic bike. it has a few scratches on right front fork would this rust? Is there anyway to repair this?
    Any guidance would be really helpful.

    • It would also be quite good to hear if you have any info on the bike. Thanks

      • rotraxcycles Says:

        Hello Tom, The frame is a “Super Course” originally finished in Rainbow colours with chrome fork and rear stays. The frame angles are 73 deg head & 74deg rear size 21″. All tubing is Reynolds 531 Competion.

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Tom, Being a steel bike rust will eventually start to occur. We suggest you fill the scratches with a suitable matching touch up enamell paint.

  35. Giovani lopez Says:

    hey i live in the los angeles area and i have a time trail frame i want to know if its possible to convert it into a track frame but cutting the road drops and instaling track drops thank you

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Giovani, So long as it is a steel frame and suitable track end are available to match the stay ends then no problem.

  36. Mark Cranshaw Says:

    Hello Tim. My 1980’s frame and forks need a respray. The forks and rear triangle are chromed and the forks are in poor condition possibly needing replacement. Seatpin is seized in the frame. can you help?

  37. Hi there,

    I have just bought a Rotrax which was refurbed by yourselves about 20 years ago it hasn’t got a model name on it can you tell me what it is from the number 63494?



    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Matt, We would require more information regarding your frame. Please let us have some detail pictures of the Lugs, bottom bracket, brake bridge and crown to enable us to positivly identify the model.
      Regards Tim.

  38. Hi I have just got a old rotrax all the parts aren’t original,it’s been hand painted with a brush all a bit of a mess. I’m thinking its am early model have not yet had time to strip the bike down but code I can read are 47007 British made does this mean made in 1947 can any one please help thanks

  39. john mc ateer Says:

    i have seen in aus ,and photografed it a rotrax motor cycle speed way frame . is this very rare ??.

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello John, I belive their are quite a few of our track motorcycles down under based on the number of request for decals and head badges. Also there is a large number in North America particularly in California.
      Regards Tim.

  40. Patrick and Jill Wilson Says:

    My husband has a Rotrax cycle made for the 1950/1 London Cycle Show. Three of these cycles were made for the stand display and we believe his is the only survivor. It is a very special cycle with ornate lugs and chrome work. We would very much like to renovate this cycle to bring it back to its full glory and revive his racing days of the 1950’s 1960’s. Any help and advise on this project would be gratefully received.
    Patrick and Jill Wilson

    • Patrick and Jill Wilson Says:

      We have found a letter from Rotrax dated 11th June 1956 which confirms that this cycle was a show model made for the 1951 bike show. Frame number 52026

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Patrick & Jill, Good to see one of the ‘Show Models’ still survives. The other two belong to our customers in USA & Canada. If you wish to have the frame restored, please contact us.
      Regards Tim

  41. Patrick and Jill Wilson Says:

    We are very interested in restoring the cycle and very pleased to know that our information was incorrect on the loss of the other two. We would like to send you a picture of the cycle as it stands now so that you can give us an idea of costs etc. If you could supply that it would be great.

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Patrick & Jill, Regarding the renovation of your cycle, do you require the complete cycle to rebuilt or just the frame set?. Look forward to receiving the pictures. Regards Tim.

      ======================================== Message Received: Jun 17 2013, 08:35 AM

  42. scott blackman Says:

    Hi Tim , I wondered if you have any Rotrax jerseys?

    I have restored my La premier model and would really like a jersey to go with it.
    Hope you can help , Thanks scott.

  43. Andy Moody Says:


  44. Patrick Wilson, fellow Rotrax owner (1952) Says:

    My understanding is that the first 2 digits represent the model year. Therefore, 55 would suggest the frame was manufactured for the 1955 model year

  45. Tim, I bought a custom bike from you in 1997/8. I still use it nearly everyday. It is need of some LTC. One top tube dent that my young son inflicted with a track pump needs looking at and it has had a lot of Brunswick Green retouching. Ive only just found your site and wondered what was involved in getting it seen to. Look forward to hearing from you. Ian

  46. Hi guys . I’m restoring an old Rotrax for a gentleman in my village , and we require a new metal head badge . Are they available ?

  47. Hi, i have recently acquired a Rotrax,i think it might be a supercourse, the frame number is 51711, any ideas ??

  48. David Jewson Says:

    Dear Rotrax, I am looking to replace my 60 year old road/track frame with a new classic steel lugged , mudguard clearance , plus fixings, trackends. I have had it for 25 years it was third hand at that point. Today it is still my favourite bike. I lived in Norfolk up to 4 years ago and have ridden it with fixed since I was given the frame. I live in Kent now near Tonbridge and fixed is still my favourite tramission. I would like it copied maybe custom tweaked but in essence a modern twist to the traditional.
    Could you do this?
    Roughly how much do I need to budget?
    Fancy lugs and finishes?
    Obviously a measure up is required , what is the turn round?
    Yours Faithfully Dave Jewson Yalding Kent

  49. Denis Johnston Says:

    Hi Tim, I am trying to locate my first road bike or at least the frame, it was purchased for me in c 1958/9 from a cycle shop in sultan road , portsmouth, the name of the shop was carter and hall, nobby hall would have sourced the frame or possibly the whole bike direct from yourselves and as the bike was not common I hope your records could help with numbers etc, she was white with road drop outs campag I think. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks den

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Denis, Sorry I can not help in your search we have the same problem we need the frame number and even then it would be an outside chance we would have any other information.

  50. I have a 50’s frame. Was wondering how to go about building it up into something reasonably authentic. What derailuer would it have had? Shifters?

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Your “Rotrax” probably was fitted with a Benelux or a Simplex 5000 rear derailleur and operated with a single downtube friction gear shift leaver. Also it may have been built with a SA gear hub and handlebar shifter.

  51. Denis Johnston Says:

    Hi I raced my Rotrax for pnecc late fifties early sixties, which I still have, I was lucky enough to have campag grand sport front and rear with campag handlebar changers I don’t think record came in until the sixties ( but I stand corrected if this is duff info )ambrosia extension and brooks saddle, fiammi or Weinman sprints and tubs as the lightweight tyres were as yet not available. Handlebars were strictly cloth covered but you will need about five seasons worth to achieve the correct feel especially if you use handlebar levers. Good luck

  52. Patrick Wilson Says:

    To add to the previous comments on whatmo’s original query (posted on 9th September) I can advise my 1952 model year Rotrax was bought second hand in 1956 and, to the best of my knowledge, still had its original equipment fitted. That equipment included Benelux front and rear changers, the former operated by a single friction gear shift lever mounted on the downtube. I’m fairly certain the freewheel was Cyclo four speed block. Overall gearing was augmented by the fitment of a Durax double chainwheel, which was controlled by a (Benelux) rod and lever mechanism that was clamped to the seat tube.

    The wheels had Weinmann sprint rims, built with double butted spokes on British Hub Co. “Airlite” hubs and the saddle was a Brooks B17 “Championship Special”.

    After having had Rotrax Cycles superbly restore the frame earlier this year I’m presently rebuilding the bike with as many (near) period parts that I already have or can source from here and there. Good luck with your rebuild, whatmo.

    Patrick Wilson.

  53. Charles Lang Says:

    Wonder if you could help identify a Rotrax I have recently found after many years stored away. Frame number is 52680 which model would it be? it had been resprayed many years ago I was told and it has a transfer head badge is this correct or should it be metal type? It is in a restorable condition and will probably do this at some point.It came with some of the original fittings I believe ie- Gnutti chainset,Alatet Headset.I presume its 531 tubing but what make of lugs would they be?. thank you.
    Charles Lang

  54. Hi,

    I’ve just picked up a track frame number 55118 (well I think that’s right). I’d love to know what model and size it is. Also is it possible to purchase a new head badge from here?

    Great site btw!


  55. Alan Marshall Says:

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a late 1950’s Rotrax Shirley which i’d like to do a ground up restoration.

    I’ve noticed the threaded section of the downtube shifter mount spins when I try and wind a bolt into it. Is this something that could be possibly repaired.

    I live in Southampton so I could possibly get you guys to have a look.

    also, could you recommend some places to get vintage parts from. The rear end of the frame is 120mm and id prefer to use all period correct parts.



  56. Here’s my updated 1955 Rotrax Fixie: – seems to be attracting some admiring glances on my local commute.

  57. Hello, I have just bought a bike with what may or may not have a rotrax frame. The frame is chromed, and this has obscured some of the serial number on the bottom bracket. The visible part of the number reads: 61¤64¤ then it is unreadable and ends f38, although that is a guess, as the bottom half of the characters are difficult to read. Nervex is stamped over the top of the number. Rear drop outs are stamped brev simplex, forks are the same.
    There is also a difficult to read number on the seat tube, which looks like 729. Whoever chromed the frame clearly didn’t make sure that it was cleaned properly, as old sticker shapes can still be seen, although this does show the shape of what I would imagine was once a Reynolds 531 sticker, in the standard position at the top of the seat post tube.
    Any help in identifying if the bike is even an actual Rotrax would be much appreciated, as would advice on whether the chrome could be improved.

    Kind regards,


  58. Hi Tim, just a thank you for the upgrades to my 1958 Concours frame ,I now have it back from ARGOS Bristol ,looks stunning ,built up and I have been out for my first ride !!! when I am passing I will call in if that’s ok

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello William, Pleased to hear it has all turned out well and look forward to seeing it next time you are passing. Tim.

  59. Hi Tim,
    Just seen the new pictures of the Rotrax T’s .
    Are they cycling shirts , ie material type, rear pockets etc or casual T-shirts & what sizes are available please .
    Thanks Scott

  60. andy mody Says:

    Hi I have a rotrax s/n 55497 which I believe was made in 1955. I have owned it since the mid 1970’s I have worn out 3 bottom brackets in the time I have owned it. T he paint is I believe original (still too good to replace!!) I think it is a” Shirley” model only last weds I covered 50 miles on it — with the local C.T.C . as I bought it S/H I was wondering if there is any history as to whom the frame was sold prior to my owning it ?? it still is a delight to ride !! Andy Moody High Wycombe

  61. John Byrne Says:

    Please could you identify my recent purchase of a Rotacx frame an forks of its age, these details are below the Bottom Bracket, Nervex 61* 64*..D22 E38, an a Number 55099R..also is it made of 531 tubing..the rear seat stays are very small in Diameter..thank you regards John Byrne

  62. Brian Mansell Says:


    A long time owner of a Rotrax – bought from a school pal in Wolverhampton ca 1960. Took it with me to Durham in 1970 and then to Stockholm 1977 – and now in Trelleborg, Sweden too.
    Decided to strip it down about 4 years ago – sandblasted it and painted in epoxy silver. Asked the sandblaster to mask over the head badge – not sure what happened exactly – but it turned out silver too and “fuzzy”.
    Found this forum and now I find I can buy a headbadge and decals for the frame.
    I will leave my e mail so I can give an adress if you can arrange to order the parts.
    I have some pics – what do you do to upload ?

    Don´t cycle a lot now – 72, but when I do it still feels great.

    Rotrax number is 55109 intrested to hear any specs for this model.

  63. Hi
    I have recently purchased what I think is a Rotrax Shirley. The badge is certainly close to those I have seen on the web site. There is a frame number which I think is 531142. The frames has been resprayed and the digits are not brilliantly clear.
    The lady I bought it from inherited it from her father who bought i,t new I believe, with his paper round money. He died 5 years ago shed 78. Would the 53 at the start of the number represent the year of manufacture perhaps.
    Do you have a record for this frame? Perhaps with the colour and the original group set. There is simplex on there currently and I have norwason to believe they’ve been changed



  64. Colin Witt Says:

    Hi I am looking for a Rotrax fixed wheel/single speed road frame with clearance for mudguards and 700c wheels, i have been told that you still produce frames if so please could you let me have details. i live in southampton
    Thanks Colin

  65. Alan Shute Says:

    Hi Tim,

    I live near Southampton and understand you still do some brazing and other frame work.

    I have an old JRJ, bought early 1960s, and have used it sporadically until about six years ago. I have now decided to bring it back to life and would very much appreciate your opinions on various ideas I have for it.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    With kind regards,

  66. Hi , I have recently purchased a 1960 rotrax Jap speedway bike and restored it , I would like to trace any history of this bike , do you keep any records of who the original purchaser of the bike was ? , if you do I can send you the numbers stamped on the engine , look forward to hearing from you . Dean

  67. Ben Stone Says:

    I would like to purchase a headbadge if possible?

  68. Kevin Hamel Says:

    Hello Tim
    Just bought a 1950s cyclone deluxe. Please can you supply varnish fix transfers and metal head badge to suit? Many thanks Kevin

  69. Kevin Hamel Says:

    Hi Tim
    Should have said Rotrax Concours. Too many bikes!

  70. Dear Sirs,
    I have a Rotrax Shirley s/n 55686. Could you advise if you’re in the market to quote for a respray and supply the period decals for this model.

    Best Regards

    Robert Williams
    Isle of Wight

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Rob, Please send us your details.
      Regards Tim.

      • Hi Tim,
        Many thanks for the prompt reply.
        I will send photos of the frame and forks for assessment. Incidentally the frame and forks have matching serial numbers. The RT decal on the seat down tube is larger and quite ornate compared with other images of down tube decals seen online.
        Since I only have the frame, I’d be interested to hear which components were originally installed on the Shirley model in 1955.

        Best Regards

        Robert Williams
        Isle of Wight

  71. Brian Reid Says:

    Hi Tim, i’ve got a nice Rotrax with terrific lugs – number 49458. Shall I send it to you for refinishing or to C&G? The double box lining is a pain, but will look superb 🙂
    Golden Age Cycles, Banbury

  72. Scott Blackman Says:

    Good morning Tim ,
    I’m glad say that I have my second Rotrax frame and fork that I’m planning to restore again and would appreciate if you can indentify the model and year please .
    The frame number is 55229 and stamped on the bottom bracket and on the fork steerer.
    I will send some pictures via email as well .
    The drop outs are track ends I believe , it has a curved Brake bridge, Mudguard eyelets, Chrome Fork ends & Rear stays.
    The forks have rather narrow round tubing and the original paint was Brunswick green again , the same as my previous La Premier model .
    Many thanks Tim

  73. Graham Hughes Says:

    Would it be possible to bring my rotrax frame to yourselves for you to quote me for repairs etc? What’s your address/phone number etc?

    Many thanks Graham

  74. Hi ,
    I’m very happy with the restoration work done on my 1955 Rotrax ‘Shirley’ s/n 55686 by Tim in July this year. The bike has been transformed to it’s original 1955 Colour scheme and specification, the re-spray was done to a very high standard.
    Thanks again Tim.

    Best Regards

    Isle of Wight

  75. furiousfoggy Says:

    Hi, does Rotrax still live? Is the business still running?

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Where have you been for the last 100 years ?

      • furiousfoggy Says:

        I guess that’s a yes then! I’m trying to find a bit more info about my new bike, it tends to attract a lot of attention so would be good to know a bit more so I can answer people’s questions. I think the serial number is 023 88. I’ve got some photos that I sent to your email, but the message bounced back. Thanks.

  76. rotraxcycles Says:

    You can reach us by email

  77. Paul Prescott Says:

    Hi Rotrax,
    Glad else you’re still going strong.
    I have what appears to be 53004; a 25″ track frame that I time trialled from about ’66 to ’70. It was originally chrome, but rusted quite badly, so I had it stripped and re-enamelled in powder blue in about 2000. Can you tell me any more about the frame, and how best to sell it on to someone who can look after it properly, as I’m not able to ride it as it should be ridden any more. It’s currently fitted with 27″ pressures withe Airlite large flange hubs (double fixed at the rear), a TA chainset, Titan steel stem, alloy drops and a Weinmann front brake. Photos available.

  78. Alan Hill Says:

    Hi there
    I have just purchased a Rotrax frameset am am hoping you can give me some info on it please.
    The numbers below the bb are:
    Nervex 50 5064 0222 E38
    I purchased it locally here in New Zealand and the seller didn’t know too much about it.
    King regards

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Alan, The frame number I need is stamped in 1/8″ digits on the underside of the bottom bracket usually on the RH side .Also if you can send detail pictures of the lugs, brake bridge, dropouts and forks would help in identifying which of our models you have.

      Regards Tim.

  79. Hi ,I have just bought a Rotrax “barn find ” bike. I am thinking of restoring it to some former glory. I’m not sure of the model but it looks like it has “supercourse” lugs with cut out triangles above & below the head badge. Frame number is 53319 which from reading your posts would suggest 1953. I would welcome any details you may have,I will also be needing some decals and advice on a repaint

  80. Sarah Bracher Says:

    Hi, could you please tell me where I would find the frame number? I have purchased a rotary Shirley frame and would like to know if it is authentic.

  81. Hi Rotrax,
    For several years I rode an old bike to work which had clearly undergone a number of incarnations. It’s headbadge ( metal) is Rotrax. The bike was badly damaged in an accident and I am now considering restoring it but unable to find a frame number, which might be under a layer of gloopy paint. Did Rotrax number frames in places other than the bottom bracket? If the frame is Rotrax my limited research suggests that it might be a ” Super Club” model, fairly low down in the Rotrax spec. I would welcome your comments.

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Andy to help to identify which model Rotrax you have we will need to see detail pictures of the lugs and rear brake bridge. The frame numbers are small 1/8″ stamped under the bottom bracket if the forks are original then there will be a matching number on the fork steerer. Regards Tim.

  82. Russell Fairman Says:

    Hi please can you help me identify the model of this Rotrax Frame number 57412

    thx Russ

  83. Jamie Agnew Says:

    Just been given a Rotrax track frame by a friend that was the same as my fathers, he passed away last month. I will restore the frame for a celebration of his life later this year, serial Number 57209. Would i be correct in thinking it is from 1957.
    Do you have any details on this frame it has been repainted. I remember my fathers frame was cream with red pin stripes.
    Are head badges and decals still available for them.
    Kind Regards
    Jamie Agnew
    New Zealand.


    Hi, does Rotrax still make bespoke frames. Is there a catalogue and price list? Thanks, Les

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      All our frames are now custom built and we will be pleased to quote to your requirements. Regards Tim.

  85. Gillian Millman Says:

    Hi, would you be able to give me any information on my Dad’s old Rotrax frame? I can see two numbers stamped; 56135 and 6136. Thank you.

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Hello Gillian, From your frame number the ‘Rotrax’ frame we built in 1956 but to give you the model I would have to see detail pictures of the Head and Seat lugs also the fork crown and rear brake bridge.
      Regards Tim.

      • Gillian Millman Says:

        Hi Tim

        Thanks, I’ve added photos below. I’d be grateful for as much info as possible. Frame size, angles, price paid, etc. I believe the bike was made for my Dad, David Frost of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. It is now in Melbourne Australia with me and is unfortunately in poor condition as you can see. The frame is too big for me to ride or I’d get it restored, but I can’t bear to part with it.

        Best regards Gillian

  86. Gillian Millman Says:

    Hi Tim
    Did the photos come through to you?
    Regards Gill

  87. Christopher Finnie Says:

    Dear Sir /Madam, the cable guide for the rear derailleur on my Rotrax road bike bent. I bent it back with a pair of long nose pliers, but it bent again today when I went for a short ride. The able guide wheel is lubricate and running freely. Can you offer any tips for repair or suggest where / who can fix this issue? I’m in the North East of England. Thanks in advance

    • rotraxcycles Says:

      Sound as though the wheel bracket has failed you could get your local frame builder to replace it but this will require some repainting Alternatively cut it off and replace with a clipon cable tunnel.

      • chrisfinnielivecouk Says:

        Many thanks for your prompt reply. I’ll follow up on your suggestions.

  88. I have Rotrax which belonged to my father. It has the serial number 49427. Can you tell me more please. Rod

  89. Neil mccormick Says:

    Sorry further to previous message…can I send photos

  90. Dear Sir / Madam, thanks again for your advice above on the rear derailleur cable guide last year.

    Similar to others who have contacted you, I’d be grateful for some more information on my Rotrax frame. It has serial number 52525 stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket . Can I respectfully send some photos to your email address and ask for your expert opinion?

    Thanks in advance, Chris

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