Classic Rotrax Head Badge

Rotrax Head Badge

5 Responses to “Classic Rotrax Head Badge”

  1. mark jones Says:

    Hi, is it possible to still buy a Rotrax head badge? my bike is missing one.

    • John Board Says:

      If any of you Rotrax fans are interested I have just acquired three new metal head badges. These were found in my father in-laws house. He used to be in the cycle business from the 50s through to the 90s. I don’t know if they are genuine or reproductions. The colours are different, the wings at the top are dark green, the RT is dark blue, and the background for the circle and the name plate is yellow. No reasonable offers refused these should be fitted to the machines they were designed for not wrapped in paper in a draw.
      I also have some Claude Butler, F H Grubb and one Holdsworthy if anyone is interested.

      • I’ll bet I’m way too late for the headbadges. I’m in the process of buying an original paint Concours but its missing its badge. Contact me at

      • Hi john would you possibly still have a Rotrax metal head badges available please also down tube transfers as I purchased what I thought was a Witcomb frame but I took it to a guy called Harry Rowland to verify if it was a Whitcomb frame as he used to build them in Deptford SE London and got the bad news it wasn’t a Witcomb frame but ones they bought in an put their decal on and found out that Rotrax supplied frames to Witcombe Cycles for a short while with my frame number being – Ro 860589 I think it may well be Rotrax

  2. Hello, I am doing a restoration and would love to get one of the head badges if you still have one. Please contact me at . Thanks, Wayne

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